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Cotton Mask w Replaceable Filter, White (Mask 1pc, Filter 10pcs)

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Reusable, Washable Face Mask with replaceable filters 

Avoid viruses, dust, and hazardous chemicals with our high functioning filtered mask.
The filters that we used for this product is proven to be very successful in performance in Korea. Korea has one of the lowest Covid-19 mortality rate and as we all know one of the reasons is because Koreans wear masks diligently. Protect yourself and your loved ones from this virus with our high functioning, cost-effective and comfortable mask! 10 Replaceable Filters are given per 1 Mask. 
    • Mask Material: 100% cotton, membrane: 100% polyester
    • Protecting mask with replaceable membrane : Avoid danger with the high functioning membrane mask.
    • We use high functioning dust filter- mb(melt blown) which has very successful performance in Korea.
    • 1 mask(white or black) with 10 replaceable filters : Make a reasonable purchase with our product -1 reusable fabric mask which you can wash and reuse, with 10 disposable/replaceable filters.
    • 100% cotton : People often complain about the skin irritation they get after wearing masks. Ours is made with 100% cotton fabric which is safer for your skin.
    • Wearable : This is free size mask. It’s also stretchy so it fits comfortably on your face without losing the function of the fliters.