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7 Days of Slosophy

7 Days of Slosophy



This is a sample kit from Slosophy. It has the cleanser , toner and cream. If you want to try out the whole line but reluctant to purchase them together, this is a good option for you. They come in small sizes but they are big enough to try out and figure out if they suit well on your skin.



The Serum Cleanser 22ml

Newtinol Toner 22ml

Nutri Dive Cream 15ml



About the Brand

Slosophy is an urban healing cosmetic for skin problems caused by the urban lifestyle. Slosophy values the beauty of slowness in the modern busy lifestyle that we live in. Instead of chasing the quick-changing trends, Slosophy only presents products that really improve your skin condition and products that are not harmful to humans, nature, and animals.